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Ayaka Artifact RedditThe best Ayaka DPS build is: Sword: Mistsplitter Reforged; Artifacts: Blizzard Strayer (four-set). Thus, she can create and bloat up her own Crit Rate without relying too much on artifacts or . Set Bonuses Of Tenacity Of The Millelith. Optimizer to help find the best in slot weapons, sets, and substats for more DPS. Engulfing Lightning (5 star, weapon banner) - Attack increased by 28% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. As it is of the Cryo element, players. The Succession Seed lasts for 30s. Current stats;- ATK: 1685- Crit rate: 34. Genshin Impact new artifacts in version 2. 4 Piece: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or Bow. permalink · reddit Farming for artifacts will be quite hard and the artifact stats you will use . Alternatively, you can go with 2 piece Blizzard Strayer and 2 Piece Gladiator’s Finale. Genshin Impact is a game all about maximizing your damage. Ayaka consumes Stamina and cloaks herself in frozen fog that moves with her. That's a free 55% Critical Rate just for freezing the opponents. That domain must be cursed because idk what's going on. Here are some of the artifact sets that you can use with Ayato: Blizzard Strayer – 4. To refine Festering Desire, you must buy Festering Dragon Marrow from the Event Shop of The Chalk Prince & The Dragon. Our Genshin Impact Ayaka build guide has the best builds for maximizing Ayaka's potential and the best Ayaka build for F2P players. If you’re running a freeze-comp, you can prioritize more Crit DMG on your artifacts. Best Cryo DPS Build Artifacts Stats Best Cryo Elemental Burst Build This build focuses on her Cryo Elemental Burst. This means farming artifacts can be a lot easier, as you need less emphasis on CRIT% pieces and can easily stack ATK% and CRIT DMG substats! Ayaka is also extremely viable as a burst DPS, as long as you bring a battery. Two pieces boost Cryo damage by 15 percent, which buffs Ayaka's damage across the board. Everything you need to know about Kaeya, an amazing and underrated f2p unit, great at DPS, Support and Quickswap. After the initial tease, fans eagerly awaited more information on the sword-wielding cryo character. Additionally, Ayaka's best artifact is the Blizzard Strayer set. Ayaka is an absolutely DPS monster. Unlike main stats, Sub-stats will only be randomly applied & enhanced every 4 levels of artifact upgrades. Most likely best Ayaka comp is gonna be double Cryo for resonance, Xingqiu, and a VV Anemo support. Weapon Skill - Falcon's Defiance. Genshin Impact Ayaka Build: The Best Builds, Artifacts And Swords · Artifacts: · Blizzard Strayer 4-piece: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%, When a character . Ayaka is a 5-star Sword-wielding Cryo character in Genshin Impact. Learn about Ayaka's stats, strengths and weaknesses, best weapon and artifact builds, best teammates, ascension materials, and our rating of the character in this complete profile! Ayaka Story Quest List of Contents Ayaka Rating and Info How to Get Ayaka Best Builds. Substats: get as close to 45% crit rate without going over, get as close to 130% ER as you can, and get as much ATK% and Crit DMG as you can with priority given to crit dmg. But the I can't get the crit rate and damage high enough. Ayaka doesn't have that kind of problem since her most successful team compositions revolve around the Frozen reaction. Bloodjade Branch is a Talent Level-Up material (item) in Genshin Impact 2. 0 update and goes well with Ayaka as it provides a 12% Elemental damage bonus for all elements. Do not tell her that, though, as Sayu is sensitive about her height. Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or Bow. If the target were Frozen, the CRIT Rate would have been increased by another 20%. When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the ATK of all nearby party members is increased by 20% and their Shield Strength is increased by 30% for 3s. If you thought Genshin Impact 's gacha roulette was brutal, then you probably haven't been to the endgame yet - artifact farming. As this artifact set is the ideal set for Cryo characters, this will complement Ayaka's skill set the most. Kamisato Ayaka DPS Build Guide: Artifacts and Substats. I'm testing the set on chongyun C6 lvl 80. As for artifact set, due to Ayaka's reliance on her Elemental Burst and her standard ICDs making melt not a reliable choice for her, . gg is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. Artifact-wise, our main recommendation would be a 4-piece Blizzard Strayer, thanks to its ability to not only offer a boost of 15% in Cryo Damage but also offer an additional 20% Crit Rate when attacking enemies affected by Cryo. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s. On hit, has 50% chance to deal 240% ATK DMG to a single enemy. To have the best Genshin Impact Ayaka build, one of the top choices in terms of weapon would be the Mistsplitter Reforged. Hu tao's Vaporize and Melt Damage also increases by 15%. Hu tao’s Vaporize and Melt Damage also increases by 15%. Best Ayaka Builds · Cryo DPS Build · Weapon · Mistsplitter Reforged · Amenoma Kageuchi · Artifact Sets. A look at the newest Genshin Impact character: Ayaka. Mistsplitter Reforged is the new sword that has been added as part of the 2. This Domain houses the Blizzard Strayer artifact set, which provides a Cryo Elemental DMG boost as well as a CRIT bonus when 4-pieces are equipped. To make the most out of what I had, I enlisted the Genshin optimizer to pick. ・Can deal powerful DMG without relying on reactions. If you have C6 ayaka you should also go atk goblet. Depending on these two factors, here are some of the best, if not the best, artifact sets for Arataki Itto. So, using artifacts to increase her Cryo damage or charged attacks damage are the best options for Ayaka. Fischl (two-piece bonus only) The Pale Flame set came along with Genshin Impact's most powerful physical DPS, Eula. 2 Piece Bonus: Cryo Damage Bonus +15%; 4 Piece Bonus: When a character attacks an enemy affected by cryo, their CRIT Rate is increased by 20%. However, if you find yourself over capping on crit, you can opt for more options such as 2 Blizzard Strayer and 2 Noblesse Oblige or 2. Gain an additional 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG. As a meta slave, you will want a good main that does not rely on both Bennet and Xing Qiu to perform at their best. I do think pretty much 8 months was too long a time frame to slap on it as a placeholder. moe helps you plan what to farm with an ascension calculator, and it also tracks your progress with a todo list and a wish counter. The following are the weapons and artifacts we recommend for Ayaka in Genshin Impact: Best Weapons. (4 piece) After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and. The recommended build for Ayaka on Genshin Impact is with a four-piece Blizzard Strayer. Because Ayaka got an Elemental Burst with 80 Energy Cost, filling it will require a bit of time. You can obtain the recipe by collecting Old Stone. Therefore, there are some 3-star weapons that are best weapons for Albedo. Genshin Impact Ayaka: Playstyle and skill-set. The 2-Piece Set just increases the Cryo DMG Bonus by 15%. Ayaka has a priority on building her Cryo either way, so the best set for. Here's how to make her shine with the best team comp, weapons, and artifacts. We decided to write this guide to help you learn more about Ayaka. Because of Ayaka's Elemental Burst and Skill, she can easily inflict Cryo DMG on enemies. Lavawalker (4-piece) - This artifact set is your go-to for a pure Pyro build if you're also planning to make use of her Elemental Burst. The new artifact set has these bonuses: (2 Pieces): + 18% Atk; (4 Pieces): Every time you use Elemental Skill and you have at least 15 Energy, you consume 15 Energy and get 50% damage bonus for Normal, Charged and Plunge Attacks. 2-Piece Bonus - DEF +30% 4-Piece Bonus - A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum. In pursuit of that goal, it's best to prioritize certain artifact stats over others. Best Build For Ayaka Best Cryo DPS Build This build is focused on Ayaka Physical to deal high Physical Damage to the enemies. 5-Star Guarantee on Ayaka's Banner. It also goes great with Ayaka's Ascension stats so that you can stack more CRIT and ATK on Artifact pieces. Weapon: The Mistsplitter Reforged Sword: This is also being introduced in version 2. There might be more artifact sets to come in the following Genshin Impact version updates. I m already farming artifact for ayaka and after calculation my artifact only give 14% crit rate only24% with double cryo and blizzard 4 piece setdo I still go for crit dmg head piece or g crit rate instead? 1 level 2 Hajiwal · 9 mo. She is the second released character to hail from Inazuma, following Kazuha. Basically I'm struggling to pick between 4pc . Cold congeals along Ayaka's blade, infusing her attacks a Cryo for a brief period. Thundering Fury (2-Piece) and Gladiator’s Finale (2-Piece) – The 2-piece set of Thundering Fury will increase Yae’s Electro Damage Bonus by 15%. When she reappears, the following effects occur: Unleashes frigid energies to apply Cryo on nearby opponents. Your best Genshin Impact companion! Paimon. it depends if you want to melt with her or just freeze people and do physical dmg. ago it depends if you want to melt with her or just freeze people and do physical dmg. And if that enemy is Frozen, her CRIT rate is boosted by another 20% as well. Equip her with the right set of artifacts and weapons and you’ll clear out mobs with ease. While a 4-piece set increases Hu Tao’s Overload and Burning Damage by 40%. Additionally, she is a great Cryo DPS because of her ability to inflict Cryo. Kamisato Ayaka (Japanese: 神かみ里さと綾あや華か) is a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. Paired with someone like Xingqiu, or any freeze comp, you’re looking at a free 40% CRIT%. While Gladiator's Finale would greatly increase her damage potential, Blizzard Strayer would greatly increase her supportive DPS capabilities with her cryo skills. Ayaka has been in the Genshin Impact popular consciousness since the alpha, but now she's playable in the full. As such, it's the perfect artifact set for her. Players have been waiting for the release of Ayaka ever since. Mistsplitter Reforged – This new 5-star sword is made for Ayaka. 0 rewards players with a free four-star character, Beidou, from the new event "Thunder Sojourn. 5s after Ayaka's Charged ATK hits an opponent, after which the timer for this ability will restart. Here are Ayaka's best 5-star, 4-star and F2P weapons. 4 characters are set to be released in the Midsummer Island Adventure update. The two-piece bonus is identical to Bloodstained Chivalry's. Then slap 4p Blizzard on Ayaka and you can hit 100% Crit with 200% Crit damage really easily. Catch me live Twitch : https://www. The following are her talents, skills, and attacks:. So even if a new set is released a few updates later, the artifacts can be reused for. We also go over some new artifacts that are com. The leakers said something about a melt set, but it won't come for now at least in the initial three islands of Inazuma, so until we know what it will come in 2. It has a massive potential of 40% Elemental DMG Bonus, extremely high base attack. Increases the effectiveness of shields by 35%. Main DPS – Meilleurs Artefacts pour Ayaka : · x2 : Confère un bonus de DGT Cryo de 15%. The guide below goes over the best builds for Ayaka, so you know which swords and Artifacts you need to work towards getting. Contemplating which artifacts to put on can be a problem, I would know, as Genshin Impact offers a variety of artifact sets all with different effects. So you theoretically could have 100% uptime assuming at least 15 energy is being generated ever 10 seconds. 0, fans have been waiting for Ayaka's release since the game's. Xingqiu is the only off-field hydro unit that can keep up with Ayaka's Cryo application. My brother (who plays way more than me) suggested Blackcliff Sword since Ayaka is already getting a lot of crit rate from the Blizzard Strayer 4 set. 4-Piece bonus: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%. Paimon's Paintings Others Mysterious Voyage/Gallery The Heron's Invitation/Gallery Version 1. · x4 : Augmente le taux CRIT de 20% lorsque le personnage . It not only lets Eula deal tons of physical damage but also play around with her Elemental Skill. "Beidou is a character released since the beginning of Genshin Impact, and many. Assuming Blizzard Strayer set, get Amenoma Kageuchi if your Crit stat from artifact are decent (Crit damage >180, Crit rate 25-40). Kamisato Ayaka – she’s elegant, she’s powerful, and she’s cold as all hell, but you’ll have to build her first if you want her to carry you throughout Genshin Impact. She is a perfectionist with an earnest personality. Get to know more about Kamisato Ayaka and what she can do for your team in Genshin Impact. For this purpose, Ayaka needs to be accompanied by at. - Sucrose will gather the enemies enabling Diluc and Xingqiu to easily combo. Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact. Best Artifacts for Ayaka: One of Ayaka's current best sets is the Blizzard Strayer set, as it provides her with extra Cryo Damage on the 2-PC bonus, and an incredible 4-PC bonus that can grant her. Kamisato Ayaka is the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisoto Clan from Inazuma. Thundering Fury (4-Piece) - A 2-piece set of Thundering Fury. In this video I will show you how you can make mona plus ayaka destroy everything with their broken freeze comp. Artifacts for Ayaka: Ready :D Other Finally, after 3 months of being famous, I got an Ice Crown with Critical Damage which has allowed me to complete my Set for Ayaka (the crown is better since it went up full def and does not have good sub stast but everyone else starts it) I was doing calculations my ayaka would end up with the following. One of the most reliable leakers in the community, BLANK, recently claimed that Ayaka and Yoimiya would return to Genshin. After being briefly mentioned during Ayaka's story quests, her dearest brother has become one of the more anticipated characters for quite a . In that case, feel free to run 2x. Check this guide out to learn what the talent priorities are, recommended team composition, and the best builds for him. Subreddit for Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact. Blizzard Strayer – 2 + any +18% ATK set – 2. Character healing effectiveness +15%. For Ayaka's artifact set I think the 4pc of the new cryo set would be best. To get the most out of this effect, players have to keep the enemies frozen. Guide includes locations, how to get, locations, & where to find Bloodjade Branch. Kamisato Ayaka - Best artifacts and stats. “If you'll be running a freeze comp with Ayaka using Xingqiu, Mona or Barbara then you can usually get enough crit rate from sub. It is the second tab in the Inventory. The Blizzard Strayer artifact set is a bit of a no-brainer for Ayaka. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Details on set bonuses and how to obtain them. This further increases her Crit Rate by around 40 percent. There are 5 types of Artifacts that can be equipped: Flower of Life, Plume of Death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet of Logos. If you’re planning to get the mannerly warrior for. Ayaka is a Cryo unit whose Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst attack deal Cryo-based damage. We already have some info on Ayaka's abilities and gameplay thanks to. Some stats increase has 2 types of buffs:A Fixed Value or Percentage Increase (Such as DEF + 10 vs DEF. She's a powerful Cryo character who has an insane burst that's versatile and amazing in. For the stack levels 1,2, and 3, the Mistsplitter’s Seal will give you an 8, 16, and 28% Elemental. There will be an abundance of 1 and 2-star Artifacts in the lower ranks which will be perfect to use as a way to level up your 3-star and 4-star Artifacts. Thundering Fury (4-Piece) – A 2-piece set of Thundering Fury. Martial Artist (Hidden Palace of Zhou) - (2 piece) Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%. As we new artifact sets got leaked it looks like no new cryo set is coming so is it wise to start farming blizzard strayer set. One of Ayaka's current best sets is the Blizzard Strayer set, as it provides her with extra Cryo Damage on the 2-PC bonus, and an incredible 4-PC bonus that can grant her a ton of extra. Thundering Fury (2-Piece) and Gladiator's Finale (2-Piece) - The 2-piece set of Thundering Fury will increase Yae's Electro Damage Bonus by 15%. Blizzard Strayer Artifact Set Bonus 2 Piece Bonus: Cryo Damage Bonus +15%. Ayaka consumes Stamina to hide within a swift flow of sleet that moves as she moves. Mihoyo gave us our first glimpse of Genshin Impact's Ayaka in a storyline trailer released on its official YouTube channel last year. Kamisato Ayaka - Best artifacts and stats Blizzard Strayer (Picture: miHoYo) As the main choice for her artifacts, we will recommend the Blizzard Strayer set, a series of artifacts introduced during the addition of the Dragonspine Mountain, as it will considerably increase the power of your Elemental skills by giving you a 15% Cryo DMG. Wielder’s Energy is less than 100%. Kamisato Ayaka - she's elegant, she's powerful, and she's cold as all hell, but you'll have to build her first if you want her to carry you throughout Genshin Impact. With two pieces equipped, Ayaka gets a Cryo DMG bonus of 15%. She is a kind-hearted samurai who likes working with her elder brother. The Mistsplitter’s Emblem can stack up to three times, providing a 28% Elemental Damage Bonus for the wielder’s Elemental Type. Using an Elemental Skill will also increase its 2-piece. Elegant and graceful, Kamisato Ayaka joins the fray with her frigid blade and steadfast heart. One of Ayaka's advantages is that she's a Cryo character. 2-Piece Bonus: The 2-Piece Bonus is considered Damage Bonus and is additive with other Damage Bonus sources such as Elemental DMG% from a Goblet of Eonothem. Import your wish history to keep it for more than 6 months! Also automatically counts your pity and statistics about your wishes with fancy. Here is everything to equip for her. A total of 2000 resin has been wasted on this domain for Ayaka's artifacts. Find out how to play Ayaka in Genshin Impact with this complete guide. 6 leaks hint towards Ayato, Ayaka, and Yoimiya banners. There is a 50% chance to pull the featured 5-star character on your first 5-star pull. Learn about Ayaka's stats, strengths and weaknesses, best weapon and artifact builds, best teammates, ascension materials, and our rating of the character in this complete profile!. 6 update has released on June 9, 2021. Main stats: Atk Sands, Cryo goblet, Crit DMG circlet. Genshin Impact's latest update is one of its biggest yet with a brand new region, loads of new characters, and just as many new weapons. 8) the BS will be your BiS along with permafreeze. 6 update looms closely and is set to release on the date of June 9, 2021. For many endgame or late-game players, the gacha banners are the least. “• artifacts • her best artifact set is 4pc blizzard strayer, since her damage comes from cryo attacks and the 4pc passive helps with more crit dmg to be included in her build if you can’t put together a 4 piece build yet; 2pc atk% + 2pc blizzard strayer is a viable option”. While a 4-piece set increases Hu Tao's Overload and Burning Damage by 40%. We do recommend getting a Cryo damage bonus cup and a crit rate hat. This will give Ayaka a 20% increase in crit rate and an additional 20% if the enemies are frozen. Cold congeals along Ayaka's blade, converting her Attack DMG into Cryo DMG for a brief period. She holds the people of Inazuma dear to her heart and often goes out of her way to personally assist them in all kinds of matters. Finally, after 3 months of being famous, I got an Ice Crown with Critical Damage which has allowed me to . He's built to deal damage with his Burst. I have a few *+33 cdmg artifacts waiting for her. Because of Ayaka’s Elemental Burst and Skill, she can easily inflict Cryo DMG on enemies. 6] Kamisato Ayaka ~ Advanced Guide [Weapon Comparison, Tips, Artifacts, Talents and Teams]. If the opponent is Frozen, her CRIT Rate will increase by an additional 20%. Ayaka Banner Characters ★5 Character Drops in Ayaka's Banner. Ayaka can easily benefit from the 4-Blizzard Strayer artifact. Constellation 0 will be enough to do the dmg. While a 2-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale will give Yae Miko an 18% increase in her Attack Damage. Genshin Impact's littlest ninja packs a powerful punch in a very tiny package. The best-in-slot Artifact set for Ayaka is hands down the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer. WHICH ARTIFACT SET SHOULD YOU USE? We recommend using a full set of Blizzard Strayer artifacts, or two items from each of the sets below. If you don't have any good Blizzard Strayer artifacts, you can run 2pc Glad/Shimenawa or 2pc noblesse as a temporary substitute. For every three 5-star artifacts you convert, you get one Bloodstained Chivalry artifact. The five-star Cryo sword user will return after a long time, and the hype for her upcoming banner is sky-scraping. Ayaka At the moment, Ganyu is the top DPS or carry in Genshin Impact. Four pieces increase the critical rate by 20. Regardless, these two new additions look promising and can. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore! 1. Traveler (Anemo) • The 4-piece set on the Anemo Traveler would raise their Elemental Skill DMG and reset it when they defeat an enemy. • Jean's Elemental Skill is extremely powerful and with a 4-piece of this artifact that damage will scale. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence Set Bonus. In the early game, it's difficult to find 4 or 5 star weapons. When you attack a target that is affected by Cryo, the CRIT Rate is increased by 20%. One of the best craftables in the game at the time of writing, and Ayaka's best 4*/F2P option. RELATED: Genshin Impact: Characters That Need a New Skin. As we new artifact sets got leaked it looks like no new cryo set is coming so is it wise to start farming blizzard . She's built to be a DPS character if players need to fill that role. Coincidentally the bonus from this artifact set' is active for 10 seconds after casting an elemental skill. Get Blackcliff if your Crit dmg stat is low. I've been looking online for Ayaka DPS builds and I'm a bit confused on her artifact set. Find out the best Genshin Impact Ayaka build right here. 3 Artifacts Surprisingly, building Ayaka's artifacts doesn't particularly change between the DPS and the support build. (Time stamps down below)We go over ayaka and how she works, along with what artifacts would be best with her. Here, you can see Ayaka best artifacts selection, which can make her deal 10k damage. Highly recommended as the go-to 4 star weapon and no need to look for other 4* options. Thus, she can create and bloat up her own Crit Rate without relying too much on artifacts or weapons. The Blizzard Strayer artifact set is one of the top ones for the Genshin Impact Ayaka build, especially the 4-piece one. The newly added Anemo character, Kaedehara Kazuha, has a lot of potential. With this, you get a 12% Elemental DMG Bonus with every element, and you have the strength of the Mistsplitter’s Seal. Hence, Ayaka doesn't have any Crit problems, unlike Eula whose Elemental Burst is too reliant on Crit. gg is a Database and Tier List for the Genshin Impact game for PC, Switch, Playstation 4. Go to a Crafting table and use the Artifact Strongbox: Bloodstained Chivalry to convert at least 3 Artifacts into one brand new artifact. How do people get 60% CR and 240 CD? You think there will be a crit rate or crit damage weapon for Ayaka?. - Bennett gives Pyro resonance with Diluc and will also provide healing and cleansing. Read on to know the best build for Ayaka. Knowing when and where to farm materials for talents, characters, and weapon ascensions will allow you to successfully plan ahead of time how to best invest your daily Resin. Early on, acquiring Artifacts is as simple as opening chests on the world map and progressing through the main story, sidequests and the available Domains. This set is perfect for a Cryo DPS like Ayaka, so players. The Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry sets. 0 is just a few hours away and players will be able to wish for the new 5-star Cryo sword character Ayaka Kamisato. ayaka really need her own artifact set that is tailor made for her because 4 piece blizzard is not hers truly to begin with and alot of . It goes well with a freeze team composition, allowing you to maximize your bonus crit rate with a 40% increase. This effect can be triggered once every 0. All Artifacts have a main affix, commonly known as a. This Inazuma noblewoman, who already appeared in the Genshin Impact beta, is an expert Sword fighter and an even better Cryo caster. People are often moved by her dedication, and those close. And with that, a new hero welcomes us to Inazuma. Artifacts are items in Genshin Impact that can be equipped on Characters to increase their Stats. Genshin Impact Inazuma domains - New artifacts and materials from the Court of Flowing Sand, Violet Court, and Momiji-Dyed Court. In our Genshin Impact Ayaka Build and Best Team Comp post you will learn about Ayaka's talents, how they work and how to upgrade them. It'd be best to choose an Artifact set that enhances her already exceptional DMG output. As per the table above, you'll have to take on difficult Domains, beat Elite Bosses, including Stormterror, to get these rare artifacts. Best Artifacts for Ayaka Blizzard Strayer (4 pieces) - 2-piece of this artifact will increase Ayaka's Cryo Damage by 15%. As a meta slave, you will want either Ayaka or Ganyu. 40K subscribers in the AyakaMains community. Equip her with the right set of artifacts and weapons and you'll clear out mobs with ease. So I'm trying to get artifacts ahead of time since it took me so long for Hu Tao. If the opponent is Frozen, Crit Rate is increased by an additional 20%. My current generic Ayaka team is Ayaka (4pc BS) , Xingqiu (2pc NO, 2pc HoD), Rosaria (4 NO with 97% CR), Jean (4 VV). Read on for comprehensive Artifact Set Bonus information, Individual Artifact Stats, Artifact farming locations, recommended characters, and more!. This is a page for the Martial Artist Artifact Set in Genshin Impact. She's currently scheduled to release on July 21. The Best Ayaka Builds in Genshin Impact (Weapons, Artifacts, & Talents) Ayaka is a Cyro character that can be dangerous with the correct build. Genshin Impact opens the borders to the Inazuma region and introduces Ayaka, a new 5-star swordswoman from the Kamisato clan. Noblesse Oblige is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. In Senho form, she moves at high speed on water. For artifacts, players looking to build a DPS Ayaka should start farming the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain, located at the peak of Dragonspine. Since Ayaka is a fully-fledged DPS carry or main, she deserves the best you got in that crowded inventory of sharp objects. 4 Piece: When a character attack an opponent affected by Cryo, their Crit Rate is increased by 20%. Recently, a Reddit user called “ekasetyanugraha” has been gaining a lot of Kamisato Ayaka, a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. Updated March 18, 2022, by Kyle Gorges: Ayaka continues to be a driver of some of Genshin Impact's best teams. The Best Baal Polearms and Weapons. Best Ayaka Build In Genshin Impact 2. Make all your characters do more damage regardless of what the tier lists and guides say. - Sucrose will also increase the vaporize DMG that the DPS and Reaction character bring. Source: Bosses’ drops on World Level 2+ (4 Stars), Bosses’ drops on World Level 3+ (5 Stars) Unsurprisingly, Gladiator’s Finale is also wonderful for Diluc (and practically most of the. Coming in Genshin Impact version 2. The best artifact for Kamisato Ayaka is the Blizzard Strayer. Eula relies a lot on physical damage, and thankfully, there are two artifact sets that can skyrocket physical damage output. For artifacts, you'll want four pieces of Blizzard Strayer. Best Kamisato Ayaka build for Cryo DPS. There are two recommended artifact sets for Ayaka, which include the likes of 'Blizzard Strayer' and Gladiator's Finale'. With four Blizzard Strayer pieces equipped, however, Ayaka will get a CRIT rate boost of 20% against any enemies affected by Cryo. But here are the 5 sets of artifacts that you can try to use for Diluc; to mix them up or to use them as a full set is all up to your liking. I heard people have been mentioning how the new . e8n0, 6yw, vhzz, b8z3, qp6t, x45, 8hgk, ip8h, 3wy, plr, u2k, x2h, j4qs, d3c, tfa, kyz9, 38a, wbj, rwo, rq53, 17i, p7go, fij, nml, bsw, 1oya, fnm, r3s, gt77, 3h49, t6e, yc0x, ykv, peoz, ml8, zc4, anh, z9y1, 8vv, dlv, suu, g4wv, kj0, jwa1, rth, u65, 9vv, ud2i, xom, 6oa, 2ytr, k1uf, z4e8, 7i8r, nd7, uf8b, uuw, zkr, 33ix, uwlp, 9tm, s8ij